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JoodyTech has the honor to provide all surveillance camera services in the context of the development of modern technological systems and the clear interest of the public and the state to enhance full control. There has been a big boom in the field of surveillance cameras, which has become a basic requirement now in all different fields. Develop all sales and technical teams to achieve competitive goals and enhance their presence in the strong Egyptian market based on the Egyptian consumer experience which is increasing day by day JoodyTech services in the field of surveillance cameras in the service of installation, maintenance and programming of all types of surveillance cameras, analog, digital and surveillance cameras, IP provides the company's services in the field of surveillance cameras for large and small companies and medium and provides the services of installation, maintenance and programming of surveillance cameras for each of Medical sector of hospitals, treatment centers and private clinics. We are also honored to provide CCTV services for all public and private educational sectors for all schools, universities, public and private institutes JoodyTech is one of the best surveillance camera companies in Cairo. How to deal with GoodyTech in the field of surveillance cameras GoodyTech differs from all its competitors in the Egyptian market in terms of the ability of the large company to compete and shows this It is clear in the company's announcement about the prices of the surveillance cameras clearly through the company's store Department of surveillance cameras as all prices of surveillance cameras announced with the possibility of buying through our website You can contact us directly through the JoodyTech page on the Facebook social networking site You can contact the sales department directly by phone - 01062337140 -01020222384 -02245435696 or by visiting the company located at 4 Asiuti Street from Al-Khalifa Al-Maamoun Street, Heliopolis