Eng.Abdelhy Ammam 05/01/2019

Mr. Abdelhay is a top  businessman in different field,  with more than 19 years experience, He started his working life as a lawyer in his own Legal Advice Office since 1999 for six years.   He started a new business in computer and technology  as he like to work in technology fields,  He is a good searcher in this fields, He established Ammam Trade since ,  2003 to put his first step in computers trading markets  \After longtime the computer market get down, He decided to shift his business and work in surveillance systems and all light current devices to continue technology devices, He get success and his company growth. He started a new business in computer and technology with Egyptian market requirement and with good quality that his company can insure.  receiving product with high quality and export it to Egypt. With the growth of his work He decided to help businessman in Egypt to import from china with his company GCMC and now established new business as Founder Joody Tech company